The biggest mistake I've made is believing that if I cast a beautiful net, I’ll catch only beautiful things.
— Saoirse to Atria

Saoirse Paloma Hewitt (née Cochláin) (b. 27 November) is a half-blood witch of the Finnigan family, and by descent, the House of Thorn. She became well-known for her popularity, it-girl status, and Irish charm. She is the daughter of Morwenna and Ignatius Cochláin, the younger sister of Riyadh as well as the elder sister of Jesús and Macklyn. Saoirse is the wife of Redser Hewitt and the mother of the rebellious Daedalus.

Saoirse attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, alongside her cousins, Delilah, and Roman Peltier-Thorn, and was sorted into the Ravenclaw house, unlike her three brothers who sorted into each of the other school houses. Saoirse excelled in many fields of magic and was admired for her studious ambition and intelligence. She was known for her popularity and was often put into heavy comparison with Delilah, almost being positive and negative reflections of each other. If Saoirse had the extensive wealth and title that her cousin has, it is likely to assume she would excel even further as an academic and a key figure in the wizarding world.


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Riyadh Cochláin

Jesús Cochláin

Macklyn Cochláin

Redser Hewitt

Daedalus Cochláin

Delilah Peltier-Thorn

Roman Peltier-Thorn


The name Saoirse is a name of Irish origin, meaning freedom. It became a popular name throughout the 1920s, also meaning liberty, which related to the liberation of womens rights throughout the era.

Her middle name, Paloma, derives from the Latin word "palambus" meaning dove, which is a symbol of peace. The name also can be understood as The Holy Spirit symbolized in this bird.

The surname Cochláin is of Irish origin, a byname drived from cochal meaning cloak or hooded.


Riyadh: A man should be allowed to attend his own funeral.
Saoirse: That's a great one, Riyadh. You should hang onto that, I think that'll catch on.
Macklyn: He could, you know.
Saoirse: Of course he could! I do forget we're related to feckin' Lazarus.

Saoirse: Jesús, I'm sorry the boyfriend turned out to be with someone else. It must be upsetting.
Jesús: Not at all, Sersh, I'm over that.
Saoirse: Good.
Jesús: I mean, you have to expect that from men they're just lying bastards. Is it any wonder there's so much strife in the world when it's run by men. How could any good be done when it's a group of men who sit in a conference pretending to listen to each other, when all they're really doing is trying to think of what they will say next so they can sound so clever, and even then it'll be a lie. They make you sick, men, and I mean sick. Vomit and juice and vermin rat bastards, every single one of them.
Saoirse: Well as long as you're over it.