History is written by the survivors. And I am surely that.
— Regina to Ember

Lady Regina Caterina Romola Hortenza Antebellum, the Marchioness of Syracuse, (b. 18 February) is an Italian noblewoman, Mafiosi, businesswoman, socialite, and a pure-blood witch. She is the eldest daughter of Madeline and Louis Antebellum and the elder sister of Grace. She is also the elder half-sister of Maisie. Regina is a powerful witch and member of the House of Antebellum and Carolla family. Regina married twice, having divorced twice also, and is the mother of two, to which she abandoned at separate times of her adult life.

Regina attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a year above her sisters, and was notably sorted into the Slytherin house, which she later came to be Head Girl of in her seventh year. Throughout her schooling years, Regina was distinctively known for her impeccable intelligence, high magical aptitude and impressive work ethic that helped her to achieve an 'Outstanding' in each of her O.W.L.s and enabled her to achieve ten N.E.W.T.s in total — nine 'Outstandings' and one 'Exceeds Expectations' in Astronomy. Throughout her education, Regina was known for her infamous reputation with her sister, being powerful members of the Slytherin house as well as wealthy nobles of Italian society. Regina was also known for her 'adopting' of her believed cousin, though in fact half-sister, Maisie, that created a third to an already mighty duo.

Regina was born into her wealth and heritage, having inherited the family empire after the death of her mother during her seventh year at Hogwarts. She became the head of the Antebellum Empire, a role she later shared with her sister, Grace, as well as the Don of the Sicilian Wizard-Mafia. As a whole, Regina is feared for her masterful political abilities in both magical and muggle politics, as well as the power she holds as a mafia boss and a talented high-born witch.


Early life

Regina Caterina Romola Hortenza Antebellum was born to Louis Antebellum and Madeline Carolla on February 18th, in Palermo, Sicily.

Hogwarts years

First year

Second year

Third year

Fourth year

Fifth year

Sixth year

Seventh year

Later life

Kellan Ashby: "They say you are clever, skilled by Lord Louis Antebellum in the ways of the Italian and the French. "
Regina: "And what ways are those? "
Kellan Ashby: "Politically expedient. Mercenary. You cannot blame me for something I didn't do. God knows the truth, and if you trade my life for your gain, it will forever mark your soul."
— Kellan Ashby, an English wizard, to Regina during an interrogation

Physical description

"Looking good is better than being good."
—Regina to Maisie

Personality and traits

Francis Thorn: "So cunning you've become. I miss the girl you were. "
Regina: "Many will. She was easier to kill. "
— Regina and her first cousin, once-removed, Francis
At first glance, it would be easy to assume that Regina, as an individual, is a horrible human being, given her manipulative nature, and how she will resort to any measures to achieve her goals. Though it is undoubtful of the superior level of knowledge she holds that is both gargantuan as it is impeccable for someone of such a young age to hold such an extensive array of wisdom and logic. Given Regina's familial background, it was inevitable that she would mature into the intelligent woman she has become, having been under the tutelage of her own father, Louis, as well as her grandparents, Yvaine and Filip Antebellum. This gave Regina mercenary skills and knowledge in both magical and muggle politics, concerning the law and monarchy.

Coming from a family embedded in the laws of the Mafia, Regina values loyalty above all else, and in spite of her cold nature and wicked tactics, her loyalty and love for those whom she deemed as loyal to herself is greater than the love she holds for her own blood. However, Regina does not hold the status of blood and loyalty over the head of an individual should they betray her in any way or betray another close to her. Regina did not hesitate in exiling and banishing her mother from the Villa de Antebellum and disentitling her from any claim to the Antebellum Empire and the House of Antebellum itself, after discovering Madeline's organisation of the murder of Louis. She also didn't hesitate in outcasting her own sister and most trusted companion, Grace, during the rising prime of Regina as the head of the Empire. However, Regina would never act on immediate impulse due to her cunning and calculating nature that is similar to the Thorn family, her paternal relatives.

Regina, in her youth, was considered far more innocent compared to how she was as an adult. In general, she had a kinder nature and her willingness to learn was based on good intention and the aspiration to better herself and her knowledge, rather than for political or advantageous gain to move ahead. She adored the very presence and existence of her father and aspired to do no more than follow in his very footsteps, which as the eldest of two female children, was undoubtfully the plan that fate had in store for Regina. However, Regina saw quickly how life was not as perfect as it had been depicted to the young, affluent daughters. She experienced hardship and had a first-hand glance at the scandals and affairs that plagued the nobility of Italy and the dangers of being the leading family of the Sicilian Wizard-Mafia.

"Your accusations are based on the lies of Regina Antebellum, a jilted, desperate, poisonous woman who wants me to be as miserable and unloved as she is."
Lucretia to Maisie

Magical abilities and skills

"The Antebellum family surround themselves with snakes and murderers. Even the young Lady Regina has been sharpened into one of their most artful weapons."
Tigris on Regina and the House of Antebellum
Regina is described as being one of the most powerful witches in the Thorn family lineage, given that her paternal family is the noble House of Thorn, only rivaled by her great-aunts, Savannah and Seraphine. Though as an Antebellum, Regina is undoubtedly the most powerful witch to have been born into the great and noble Italian wizarding family. Having mastered various fields of magic whilst still in her magical education at Hogwarts, Regina blossomed into a great power and was feared by many as an adult, known for her despicable use of the craft and penchant for the Dark Arts and darker charms. Her manipulative and strategic skill as the head of a powerful empire is rivaled by those of great political power, further proving Regina is a competent tactician and maestro in magical politics.
  • Magical aptitude:
  • Non-verbal and wandless magic: As a testament to Regina's considerable magical abilities, she is capable of effectively performing both non-verbal and wandless magic with extreme precision and ease. She is proficient in magical telekinesis, using her hands to telekinetically move objects, and at times exert large forces onto other people. She is capable of casting spells ranging from simple charms to Dark spells and even the most advanced of magic amongst the Dark Arts to their full potency without speaking the incantation.
  • Dueling: An immensely accomplished duelist, Regina is rich in both learning and experience where the study and practice of dueling techniques and strategies are concerned. Coming from a family of expert duelists, Regina is particularly skilled and potentially the most dangerous duelist of her family, having been tutored and mentored by her father, an extremely powerful and accomplished duelist of his era.
  • Spell creation: Regina is not known for her inventive abilities in creating spells, having only created one spell in her early adult life. In order to control the various pets Regina possesses, she created the spell Animalis Opes that allows her to magically compel an animal of her choice for a variety of purposes, though most often to serve as a form of physical protection and to induce fear into her enemies.
  • Potioneer: Regina is extremely adept at Potion-making and other skills within similar means, such as the craft of poisons and toxins. Her prowess extends beyond simple execution and allows her to reconstruct formally documented recipes with her own variations. She is capable of brewing highly complicated potions such as Veritaserum, Felix Felicis, the Polyjuice Potion, and Amortentia. As an adult, Regina became infamously known for her skills as a potioneer and her penchant for poisons and toxins. She is feared greatly by her many enemies for her strategic talents in poisoning those who often disagree with her plans, though is also acknowledged by many for the rewards she has bestowed upon individuals in the form of a Potion.
Maisie: "What are you doing?"
Regina: "I'm trying to manage any additional jeopardy that I might face. I'm accused of poisoning my ex-husband. A stockpile of toxins and my expertise in their use is not going to help my cause."
— Regina acknowledging her knowledge of Potions to Maisie
  • Dark Arts:
  • Charms:
  • Transfiguration:
  • Care of Magical Creatures:
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts:
  • Astronomy:
  • Study of Ancient Runes:
  • History of Magic:
  • Herbology:
  • Alchemy:
  • Apparition:
  • Ancient Studies:
"The point is, in this whole, wide, wicked world... The only thing you have to be afraid of is me."
—Regina to Grace and Luka
  • Leadership skills:
  • Charisma:
  • Multilinguist:


Regina: "This traffic is too slow. The French are useless behind the wheel!"
Harry: "You're going the wrong way!"
Regina: "Ha! THEY'RE going the wrong way!"
— Regina displaying her eccentric driving in her car
  • Yew wood wand:
  • Cosimo: Upon attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Regina came into the possession of a Tawny owl that she came to name Cosimo, after the great Cosimo de' Medici, an Italian nobleman. Not much is stated of Cosimo in Regina's later life, though he was essential for Regina's spying during her time at Hogwarts and delivered many important messages during her seventh year that were delivered between Scotland and Italy.
  • Regina's zimmr

    Regina's car

    1980s Zimmer Golden Spirit: One of Regina's most notable and valuable possessions is her car. A modified 1980s Zimmer Golden Spirit, in a black and white colour with a registration plate that read 'DEVIL.' The car is magically modified with an incredibly fast-paced driving ability that was comparable to the Knight Bus. It is able to be driven normally amongst the muggle world, though is also drivable in its fast pace invisible to the sight of muggles. The interior of the car is decored with plush red furry seating and is also enchanted in various ways, one of which is its ability to drive without a physical body directing the car. It is also assumed there is some form of protective or repairable charm placed on the vehicle that allows Regina or provides her with the notion to drive in the reckless and inhumane way she does, that not only puts herself at risk but presumably the lives of those around her.
  • Villa de Antebellum: As Regina inherited the title as Head of the Antebellum Empire, she also came into possession of the family household and land, the Villa de Antebellum, a large castle-like building located in the outskirts of Palermo, Sicily. Regina remains in possession of the villa and is infamous for the lavish gatherings and parties she holds for the upper Italian wizarding society.




House of Antebellum

Grace Antebellum

Maisie Thorn


"We both know you didn't come here to promote Catholicism. You came to punish me."
—Regina and Lucretia's first adult encounter

Marina Grisogono

"Is Marina drawing out the suspense to make a grander entrance? Will she be arriving on flying swans?"
—Regina at Marina's wedding

Harry Winston

Diaval Devolle

Cristóbal de Laurentis

Ember Cauldwell

Dragan Dragomirov


In the Italian, the Latin, Spanish and American meaning of the name Regina, it is a meaning of queen. In England, it was a name used in honour of the Virgin Mary from Christianity and was later revived in the 19th century.

Regina's first middle name, Caterina, is of Portuguese origin. It derived from the Greek name "Catherine" that had a meaning of pure.

Regina's second middle name, Romola, is a female name of Latin origin. The meaning of the name means Roman woman, and is an alternative spelling with the suffix of -ula, of "Romola."

Regina's third middle name, Hortenza, is one of originality that has no written definition for it's actual spelling. However, it is believed to be a variation of "Hortensia," that is an English baby name derived from the feminine form of the Roman clan name "Hortensius." It is also another feminine variation of the French baby name "Hortense" which derives from the Latin meaning of gardener.

The surname Antebellum derives from the Latin word bellum that means war, which therefore defines Antebellum as before the war. It is most often used in context of the US Civil War.


Maisie: And that gave Lucky a brilliant idea.
Regina: Lucky? A brilliant idea?

Regina: Where are you going? I'm not done abusing you. You're taking away my only amusement!

Regina: Those bitches!

Dragan: You're a saucy one, aren't you?
Regina: I beg your pardon!

Dragan: Maybe we could get to know one another?
Regina: What?
Dragan: Over tea?
Regina: Tea?
Dragan: You don't like tea?
Regina: I don't like you.

Regina: We were playing a game of wizard chess, which I won.

Grace: He's been impaired.
Regina: For our sake, let's hope it's permanent.

Maisie: What are you doing?
Regina: I'm trying to manage any additional jeopardy that I might face. I'm accused of poisoning my ex-husband. A stockpile of toxins and my expertise in their use is not going to help my cause.

Francis: I've heard troubling tales, Regina. That you arrested a family of hat-makers?
Regina: What?
Francis: They cheated you? And you nailed their eyes open so they'd always have to see their deceitful bills.
Regina: What? Where do these stories come from? It was one man, and I only stretched him a little. Nails, indeed. First, you should know he was a terrible, terrible hat-maker.

Regina: There are two things I can't abide, betrayal and stupidity. One can be tempered, the other can never be remedied.

Regina: Oh, I'm sorry. Am I upsetting you? Should I not have suggested that you do this to her? Because you make no mistake. This is on your head. My seer always said that you would be the cause of my sister's death. I never imagined that you will kill her by breaking her heart.

Regina: You're an Antebellum! Don't beg. It invites sympathy, then pity, then disdain. Give the impression that you're weak, you already are.

Marina: So you are going to continue with your attempts on Grace?
Regina: I don't attempt to do anything, I do it.

Maisie: How will I come out from this?
Regina: Trust that I can get you through this because I swear to you that I can.

Regina: Contrary to public belief, I don't relish in destroying other people's homes.

Regina: I learned long ago that a secret known by only one person remains a secret.

Regina: Love is a dilution, people love what you can give them.

Don Roberto: Maisie offered to help us look for them.
Regina: So the wolf has offered to help find the missing fawns?

Harry: Actually—
Regina: Don't try to school a professional Harry.

Regina: You will survive this. I know this because I survived. You know that. They try to destroy you by taking your pride and your strength, but those things cannot be taken, not from you. Not ever.

Regina: Take your hands off of Grace and I'll let you leave this castle with your life.
Vincent: How? We ate the same food, we drank my wine.
Regina: Poison is an art, and the essence of art is surprise.


  • Regina's theme song is Necessary Evil by Nikki Yanofsky.
    Nikki Yanofsky - Necessary Evil

    Nikki Yanofsky - Necessary Evil

  • Regina's specialised soundtrack, titled regina, can be found on 8tracks.
  • During her Hogwarts years, Regina studied the mandatory subjects necessary for O.W.L.s, as well as an optional two of Care of Magical Creatures and Study of Ancient Runes. For her N.E.W.T exams, she studied a total of ten subjects, including Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, History of Magic, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Study of Ancient Runes, Astronomy, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures and Alchemy.
  • In her fifth and sixth year, Regina also attended an extra-curricular of Ancient Studies. Due to her extensive amount of N.E.W.T.s, she revoked her participation for her final year.


  • Regina is inspired by that of the fictional Disney villain, Cruella de Vil.
  • Regina is also inspired by the historical Queen Catherine de' Medici, an Italian noblewoman and former Queen of France, from the famous Italian House of Medici.