Phoebe Invidia Grisogono (née Latifah) (b. 4 November) is a half-breed, half-blood witch of the House of Thorn. She is the only child of Veronica Thorn, a pure-blood witch and fellow half-breed, and Edgardo Latifah, a half-blood wizard. Although Phoebe is an only child, she was raised amongst her outstanding family and first cousins. She went on to marry a Dominican half-blood wizard, Giorgio Grisogono, with whom she had her only daughter, Marina, a well known Philosopher, Legilimens and notable member of the Latifah family.

Like all of her cousins, Phoebe attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was sorted undoubtedly into the Slytherin house, as tradition stood. Although she was known for her popularity amongst her own group of peers, Phoebe was known for her communicative relations with her own family in her year, including Ariadne and Tigris, and shared similar relations with members of the Potter family, such as Gwendoline, Sirius and Aries.


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