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Lucien Albus Norvel Coquellin (b. 1 February) is a half-blood wizard of the Cauldwell and Coquellin families, the only child of the late Irish wizard Albus Cauldwell and French witch Sylvie Coquellin. He was named after his father, as well as his mother's late grandfather. After Albus's unexpected death, Sylvie moved back home to France, where she subsequently gave birth and raised Lucien for the first few early years of his life. The pair moved back to Britain when he was five following a large disagreement between Sylvie and her parents.

On his eleventh birthday, Lucien received his acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Upon attending the school, he was Sorted into Gryffindor House.


Early life

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Second year

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Life after Hogwarts

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  • Multilinguist
  • Expert detective skills





"You've done it, dad."
—Lucien honours his father's dreams by putting up his poster in his dormitory

Musidora Cauldwell

Atria Hilliard

"I know I have to give him back to Sylvie when the time is right. A boy like Lucien has made me realise how much I want a child of my own that I know I can't have him."
—Atria regarding her affection for Lucien as a young child

Coquellin family

Sabine Coquellin: "A child is a gift by God's grace, Sylvie. The boy will be safer with us. You're young and vulnerable, and most of all deluded if you truly think that you can raise this child, alone no less."
Sylvie Coquellin: "But I'm not alone!"
— Sylvie and her mother battling over Lucien's guardianship


Lucien is a male given name of French origin, meaning "light". It is the French form of Luciano or Latin Lucianus, patronymic of Lucius.

Albus means "white" or "bright" in Latin. It may also refer to the the masculine form of "Alba", the Gaelic name for Scotland or an Italian word meaning "sunrise".

The name Norvel is an Anglo-Saxon name, meaning "from the north state".

The French surname Coquellin is of nickname origin, deriving from a physical or personal characteristic of the original bearer of the name. The name Coquellin is derived from the French term "coq" and was used to refer to one who was confident or "cocky".


Lucien: But I'm universally popular and well-liked. Why would anyone want to kill me?

Frey: What do you mean no?
Lucien: I mean no. Would you like to hear it in French? Non!

Lucien: Wouldn't bother. C'est comme si on pissait dans un violon.
Rhiannon: What?
Lucien: I said it's useless.
Rhiannon: That did not sound like "it's useless".
Lucien: That's because I said it's like pissing in a violin.
Rhiannon: Meaning...?
Lucien: It's useless.