The world isn't safe for a girl like me, but maybe I'm not safe for the world either.

— Lattice to Lily

Lattice Eunomia Leander (née Malfoy-Potter(b. 1 May) is a half-blood witch of the Malfoy and Potter families, the youngest child born to the renowned Scorpius Malfoy and Lily Potter II. She is also the younger sister of Astoria and Harry, and her godmother is Eliza Hamlet. Since birth, Lattice had been an unabated performer of underage magic, both intentionally and unintentionally. At the age of six, she faced torment from a group of Muggles who witnessed her practicing magic, an experience which rendered her emotional and her magical abilities unpredictable. From this point forth, her parents became extremely protective of her and hardly let her out of their sight, so much so that the media wrongly gathered the impression that Lattice was a problem child. 

Upon attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Lattice was unexpectedly Sorted into Hufflepuff House. Initially very shy, she struggled with the legacy and pressure heaped upon her from being born into two very powerful and famous families.


Early life

"These older kids... they'd seen her practicing magic, spying on her whenever she came out to play by herself. She was only young, she couldn't control it. No witch or wizard can at that age. So these children — these bullies, who had clearly never learned how to pick on others their own size — waited for her the next time she came through. And they tried to make her stop."
—Lily regarding Lattice's unprovoked attack as a child
Lattice Eunomia Malfoy-Potter was born to Scorpius Malfoy and Lily Potter II on the 1st May in Godric's Hollow, West Country, England — a village famous for having been inhabited by a number of notable wizarding families over the generations. She was named after the first thing her mother saw after giving birth to her: a pair of lattice curtains. Soon after her birth, Eliza Hamlet was pronounced as her godmother. Lattice was also the youngest of three children; her elder sister Astoria had been born four years prior, while her elder brother Harry had been born three years prior. The entire family of five resided in their very own home for the first few early years of their life.

Hogwarts years

First year

Second year

Third year

Fourth year

Fifth year

Sixth year

Seventh year

Later life

"Me and your father, we had dreams. Dreams to change the world. Make a difference. Did I know, deep down, how idealistic we were being? I think I did, but I closed my eyes. And now all I can do is continue to honour him: through my words, through my actions. It's always in my hands to make a difference."
—Lattice to Lily

Death and post-mortem

Physical description

Personality and traits

Magical abilities and skills

Dolphin patronus

Lattice's corporeal Patronus (form of a dolphin)

tbc: "Lattice, you have a tremendous light inside you... more so than any witch I've ever known. You didn't give up today. Strength of spirit like that is rare. It must be guided. You mustn't be afraid."
Lattice: "I can't control it. I always end up hurting someone."
— {{{6}}}

Lattice is known to be a witch of immense power, quite possibly one of the most talented witches to have been born into the Potter lineage to date.

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Lattice: "I don't think I want to shine."
Harry Potter: "If you are anything like your mother, you won't be able to help it."
— Lattice in a conversation with her grandfather

Harry Malfoy-Potter

Astoria Malfoy-Potter

Jedidiah Leander

"I believe I am very lucky to have met you, Jed. And I don't regret a thing."
—Lattice to Jedidiah



The name Lattice is of French origin, meaning "joy, gladness". It appeared in the form Lettice in medieval England. It is a rarely used today, although is still a female name suitable for baby girls.

Eunomia was a minor Greek goddess of law and legislation (her name can be translated as "good order", "governance according to good laws"), as well as the spring-time goddess of green pastures (eû means "well, good" in Greek, and νόμος, nómos, means "law", while pasturelands are called nomia).

The first part of her surname, Malfoy, in French (mal foi) means "bad faith."

Potter is a very common surname of English origin. It traditionally refers to the occupation of making pottery, the well-known English children's author Beatrix Potter, or Potter's Field: the name for a burial ground for the unknown or unclaimed dead, particularly soldiers and orphans; the Potter family had many members that fit that description.


Lattice: Can't I be strong and go to the Yule Ball?

Jedidiah: There's no such thing as fate.
Lattice: There's no such thing as magic.

Lattice: Life's fragile, Gin. You have to stop running or you’re never really living at all.


  • Lattice's theme song was To Be Human by Sia and Labrinth.
  • Lattice's specialised soundtrack, titled to the fools who dream, can be found on 8tracks.


  • Lattice is often described as wearing yellow, otherwise known as her favourite colour. This could possibly connect with the symbolic meanings of that same colour: happiness, positivity, freshness, energy, loyalty, enlightenment, imagination, humour, energy and intellect. Most of these particular attributes are significantly linked to Lattice's personality, as well as yellow being the token colour of Hufflepuff House.