If we don't make it easier on ourselves, then who will?

— Amy to Jamie

Amelia Mariya Jordan (b. 31 May), more commonly known only as Amy Jordan, is a pure-blood witch and member of the wealthy Jordan family, the youngest child and only daughter born to the late Xanthas Jordan and Daphne Sevchenko. She is also the younger sister of Greg, Archie and Jamie. The daughter of two Dark Arts practitioners, Amy and her brothers were raised in an abusive household, held under firm belief that they were superior to other wizarding folk because of their rare pure-blood status.

Upon attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Amy was Sorted into Slytherin House, and began her education in the year below Ember Cauldwell and Maisie Thorn. During these years, she appeared to be a mean-spirited and vindictive bully, inflicting her sharp tongue and the violent nature of her elder brothers upon any who crossed her; she was also the leader of her very own gang, who chiefly antagonised Muggle-borns and Gryffindors. Amy was considered an extremely talented witch with abilities that put her on par with and on many occasions above her brothers. She tutored students in Potions and several other subjects, was later a Chaser for the Slytherin Quidditch team, and selected as a Prefect during her fifth year, at the end of which her family was confronted by social care and she discovered her brother's affair with her school rival Elliot Potter.


Early life

Jamie Jordan: "Does anyone in this family even love each other?"
Amy: "Maybe. I don’t know. But I think mum loves us, and I think Archie loves us, and maybe Greg as well. Maybe we just aren't allowed to say it."
— Amy and her brother talking as children
Amelia Mariya Jordan was born on the 31st May to Xanthas Jordan and Daphne Sevchenko in Marlborough, England. Though it was common knowledge that the Jordan family had been inbreeding with cousins for years, Xanthas had managed to secure their family's blood status without doing so by marrying outside of Britain's small pool of available pure-bloods and into the Sevchenko family, who hailed from Ukraine. Amy was the youngest of four siblings, as well as the only girl: her eldest brothers, Greg and Archie, were twins born three years prior to her, while the second eldest Jamie was born two years prior to her. All four children were spoiled but expected to follow tradition; the Jordans were immensely proud of their blood status and had supposedly been in Slytherin House for centuries, disapproving of any relatives who diverged. This included not only her great-aunt Juliet, but many others. Renouncement was so common that by this time the family were more or less considered to be "dying out"

Hogwarts years

First year

"...I'll be in Slytherin, all my family always have been—imagine being in Hufflepuff, I think I'd leave, wouldn't you?"
—Amy loudly chatting to Elliot at the Sorting
Upon arriving at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Amy met Elliot Potter whilst awaiting her turn to be Sorted. Elliot thought her to be very bubbly, but rather narrow-minded. Without knowledge of who he was, she made a rather intolerant speech about Muggle-borns and the Hufflepuff House, but otherwise acted in quite a friendly manner and offered him friendship. However, upon finding out who he actually was, Amy made a series of disparaging remarks and decided they could not actually be friends as they were "too different". Elliot reacted bitterly towards her arrogant and disdainful attitude, resulting in an argument that created animosity to last all throughout the rest of their schooling. Eventually, Amy was Sorted into Slytherin House, like all other members of her family. Her brothers were the only ones in the Great Hall to give her a standing ovation.

Throughout the school year, Amy rapidly formed friendships with her fellow Slytherins, including dedicated members of her gang such as Cassius Gravesworth and Liu Tian. Presumably after gathering her companions, Amy established herself as their leader, marking the start of her long-lived mean streak in which she would belittle countless other students whom she disliked.

Second year

Third year

Elliot Potter: "Well, what do you think then?"
Harvey Patterson: "Me? I think you made a big mistake by making her angry. She may be small, but she has access to weapons bigger than yours."
— The aftermath of the green-skin incident

Fourth year

Fifth year

"Actually, I will have you know, Prefects do have the power to dock points... so, Cauldwell, I'll have five from you for trying to start an argument... Constance, five for contradicting me.... five because I don’t like you, Potter... and oh, look, your shirt's untucked, so I’ll have another five for that... come to think of it, I don't like any of you, so that'll be another ten each..."
—Amy abuses her newfound power as a Prefect

Sixth year

Seventh year

Life after Hogwarts

Later life

Physical description

"I think you're pretty, and I think you should smile more."
Callum to Amy about her appearance
Amy 15

Amy in her fifth year, aged 16

Amy was an extremely haughty-looking girl who had been raised and groomed especially for "tea parties and similar social functions". She bore the typical Jordan attributes of large dark eyes, prominent brows, full lips and an angular face, packaged with the arrogant bearing common for members of their family. She had brown curly hair and a slow drawling voice that always made it difficult to distinguish whether she was being sarcastic. Compared to her brothers who had very broad frames, Amy was rather thin, although this was something she allegedly inherited from her mother. She was taller than her brother Jamie, a fact which amused her greatly. According to Udele Quint, she was "quite pretty" but it was her personality that made her ugly. Elliot once called her "bug-eyed", although this statement may well have been influenced by their enmity at the time. Amy also seemed to greatly resemble her late aunt Dalia, as Elliot initially thought it was her in Dalia's portrait.

Like her brothers, Amy had an extremely serious and moody resting face, so much so to the extent that Callum told her she should smile more. It should be noted that he preceded this statement by affirming that she was "pretty" — a surprisingly soft observation as Callum was prone to making more glib comments about the girls that interested him. Though this also could have been biased as the two were romantically involved at the time, it could still count as a testament of sorts to Amy's beauty.

During her first five years of school Amy maintained a composed look, using cosmetic products in abundance as well as Sleekeazy's Hair Potion to straighten her hair nearly everyday. However, in her sixth year, when hardships from school and home began to take its toll on her, Amy's smug countenance was lost and she appeared quite worn. After being discovered alone at home, she was extremely bruised and battered, somehow a "smaller version of herself". She also had circular scars on her wrists which were implied to be burn marks, and often wore bracelets to conceal them. As of the end of her sixth year, she began wearing less makeup and sporting her hair naturally curly again, marking a possible advance in her confidence.

Personality and traits

"Believe me, you don't know my sister until you've fought my sister."
—Amy angrily confronts Elliot and exhibits vigilance over her family
  • spoilt, bragging about wealth, mean-spirited, initially inflicts brothers upon people but over time seems more content with exacting her own revenge, fiery and manipulative, good leader, tyrannical boss? sharp-tongued
  • vindictive, loves revenge, acts out for attention because she didn't receive as much?, likes to be center of attention, always has a plan a, b, c and d, slytherin traits, very good liar+actor
  • academic, passionate, tutor, very focused in studies, wants a future for herself, enterprising,
  • raised to value femininity, could not do same things as her brother BUT growing up with three older brothers toughened her up. fairly aggressive. knows her manners but her sharp-tongued remarks occasionally escape her, judgmental
  • calmer in situations compared to brothers, more level-headed, more calculating (slytherin traits)
  • also conflicted in situations, acts distant with boys, doesn't know what she wants, according to callum she's distant one minute and needy the next
  • animal lover
  • mistook popularity for intimidation
  • only wants what's best for family
  • realised free to  make decisions without father
  • more sympathetic than brothers?
  • dorky, enjoys comic books
  • tries too hard for forgiveness, doesn't know how to handle loss, buys gifts for gang + elliot big gift when she upsets him

Magical abilities and skills

  • Magical aptitude:
  • Magical knowledge:
  • Dark Arts:
  • Potions:
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts:
  • Duelling:
  • Non-verbal and wandless magic:
  • Transfiguration
  • Charms:
  • Care of Magical Creatures: Unbeknownst to many others in her year, Amy received an 'Outstanding' O.W.L in Care of Magical Creatures, but did not end up taking the subject to N.E.W.T-level as she feared it might not be seen as practical. Despite this, she continued to secretly harbour a love for the subject and was even considered quite the animal lover by those who knew her well enough.
  • Arithmancy:
  • Magical Theory:
  • Apparition:
  • Multilinguist: Amy showed on a few rare occasions that she was capable of speaking Ukrainian. It is most likely her mother who taught her the language, being from Ukraine herself. She often used it to discuss private matters with her siblings when they did not want to be overheard by others. She was also well-versed in sign language, courtesy of Ivory Cauldwell after they began to spend more time together in their sixth year. 
  • Physical strength
  • Quidditch
  • Teaching skills:
"It's always best to tell the truth, unless, of course, you're an exceptionally good liar."
—Amy on her affinity for deception
  • Acting: Even from a young age, Amy was experienced in the art of lying and proved herself to be a very consummate actor. 
  • Charisma: Unlike her more brash brothers, Amy had a charismatic character and displayed remarkable talent for the manipulation of others.
  • Leadership skills: Throughout her years at Hogwarts, Amy was renowned for her formidable capabilities as a calculating and domineering leader, in contrast to her slightly more gruff and temperamental brothers who worked alone as opposed to in groups. One of her most notable examples of authority was her being the head of her very own gang; all members (who had either joined after being enticed by her wealth or intimidated by her background) were easily influenced into carrying out her bidding and committing questionable acts, ranging from bullying weaker students to exaction in their attempts to dominate a small portion of the school. The fact that they were never once seriously reprimanded for their callous behaviour illustrates the prudent care with which Amy took in covering her tracks. As time compromised the status of her group and they fell apart, Amy's rule took a gradual change from tyrannical to charismatic — for instance, when she easily bargained her way into Slug Club, making her one of the first Jordans to be invited for several generations. Her title as a Prefect could also be seen as a testament of sorts to her possession of clear initiative, as this position was only rewarded to those who were capable of handling extra authority and responsibilities. As an adult witch, Amy was considered an extremely high-ranking member of the Wizengamot, once again alluding to her finely honed leadership skills; she never did once waver in her convictions, even when her superiors thought otherwise.
  • Love:


  • Hawthorn wand:
  • Dress robes:
  • Stack of bracelets:
  • Golden watch:
  • Broomstick:




Viorel Buga: "I remember when you were born. Your mother was a great beauty, I'm sure you will be too."
Amy: "I doubt it. She had awful posture. I'd rather she wasn't remembered for her beauty, though. She was a great witch."
— {{{6}}}

Jamie Jordan

"That's why we stick together as one, always and forever."
—Amy's promise to stand by Jamie

Gregory and Archie Jordan

Husband and daughter

Elliot Potter

Nieces and nephew

Ivory Cauldwell

"The world has never helped a smart girl. Why would it? We scare them. Take it as a compliment. I would."
—Amy identifies herself with Ivory's intelligence

Callum Cridden

Aggie Dewkes

Thomas Fletcher


Amy: "I'm not upset. Why would I be upset? I made them and I can break them just as easily."
Elliot Potter: "Or maybe you just thought they were your friends."
— Amy's suppressed sadness at her group falling apart

Antonela Buga

Antonela: "I've heard much about you."
Amy: "Funny, and we've heard just about nothing about you."
— Amy greets Antonela with a frosty welcome


Amelia is a German girls name, a blend of the medieval names Emilia and Amalia. In Latin, it means "industrious" and "striving", but its teutonic meaning is "defender."

Mariya is a girls name of Arabic origin, meaning "one who is pure". However, the meaning of Mariya also has more than one different etymologies. It has same or different meanings in other countries and languages, with the Ukranian and Russian form meaning "bitter", which may allude to her mean-spirited personality.

Jordan is a unisex name derivative from the Hebrew word "yarden", meaning to descend or "to go down." This name is also taken from the river Jordan in the Middle East. At the time of the Crusades it was common practice for crusaders and pilgrims to bring back flasks of water from the river in which John the Baptist had baptized people, including Christ himself, and to use it in the christening of their own children. As a result Jordan became quite a common personal name.


Amy: You think of him, don't you?
Jamie: No.
Amy: You know, I found it much easier to stop lying to myself once I turned eleven or so, Jamie. You can learn a lot from your mistakes when you aren't busy denying them. Grow up.

Amy: You don’t shut your mouth, the next thing to come out of it will be your teeth.

Amy: Men are never right. That's why women were invented, to think for you all you idiots. One of my brothers barely even scraped graduating, the other fancies himself a god incarnate, and now the third is off courting a Moldovan bride who he knows nothing about. Men are just weak and stupid, even the good ones. I mean, especially the good ones.

Greg: Amy, in the name of our family, you might try to dial down your animosity.
Amy: What family? We are four distrustful acquaintances who happen to share a bloodline.

Amy: If I ran Slug Club and knew that Richard Kirkley's mother was working as a barmaid at the Hog's Head, I never would've invited him. It's off-brand and spreads a false message of acceptance.

Amy: We can’t kill him. But that doesn’t mean we can’t tear him apart piece by piece, nerve by nerve, until the pain is so severe that his brain shuts off to give himself just one tiny moment of blessed relief. And then we’ll heal him with magic and do it again, again, and again.
Elliot: You're weird.
Amy: Thank you.

Amy: I have this gift. I can smell a lie.

Amy: Never send a rose unless dyed black as a warning. And if one is sent to you, destroy it along with the sender. Emotionally, of course. I don't kill people.

Aggie: I'm appealing to your better nature.
Amy: I don't have one of those.

Amy: Well, go, for God's sake, you big fucking prick! I'll cut your fucking ears off, you need it done!
Noah: And here I was under the impression she was the soft-spoken Jordan.

Callum: I like your dress.
Amy: Really? It's from Madam Malkin's, fifty percent off.
Callum: I'd like it one hundred percent off.
Amy: A store can't exactly just give away things for free.
Callum: That's not what I—
Amy: That's an awful way to run a business, Callum.

Greg: We should have drinks. Jamie?
Jamie: I'll have some butterbeer, yeah.
Amy: Yeah, I'll have a pint of piss off and die, you absolute twat. Do they do serve that here?
Elliot: She's a bit disappointed.
Amy: All these things you've been saying to the media. You reflected badly on me, and I don't like that.
Greg: Oh, come on, Amy. Let's just order and I'll—
Amy: Do you want a splinter glass facial? I'm not pretending to hate you here, I actually fucking hate you!

Amy: I come bearing gifts for my favourite Jordan!
Jamie: Thanks.
Amy: Not you, you wanker, I'm talking about my niece.


  • Amy's theme song was Out of It by Fallulah.
  • Amy's specialised soundtrack, titled gold up in my teeth, can be found on 8tracks.
  • Amy is part Ukrainian through her mother, although she is also Russian through her former ancestors.
  • Amy and her brothers would have attended Durmstrang Institute, a school that does not admit Muggle-borns and teaches the Dark Arts, but Daphne did not want them staying so far away from home.
  • Amy's nephew honoured him by naming his own eldest daughter Rhiannon Amelia Jordan.